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    R5 Synthesis 

    Week 5: Synthesis

    Which topic/s in class made an impact to you? Why?
    The topic that made an impact on me was the first order ODE because I had fun learning it. It was difficult but it made me miss the Math 53 series.

    If you can summarize this course in one word or sentence, what would it be?
    If I can summarize this course in one word, it would be MATH. Although I’m already too lazy to solve math problems (as I have mentioned in the introduction), this course made me realize that I still enjoy doing it.

    What would be your parting message to the class?
    Thank you for the semester! It is finally over. Sleep well, everyone. 🙂

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    R4 Laplace and Fourier Transform 

    Week 4: Laplace and Fourier Transform

    Give an application of either Laplace or Fourier transform in real-life.
    Laplace transform is used in the computation of radioactive decay. “Radioactive decay is the spontaneous breakdown of an atomic nucleus resulting in the release of energy and matter from the nucleus.” [1] Computing for the radioactive decay of a substance involves the use of differential equations. Using Laplace transform, which “is particularly useful in solving linear ordinary differential equations”, [2] makes the computation more manageable. [3]

    [1] Retrieved from https://www.nde-ed.org/EducationResources/HighSchool/Radiography/radioactivedecay.htm
    [2] Retrieved from http://mathworld.wolfram.com/LaplaceTransform.html
    [3] Retrieved from http://holbert.faculty.asu.edu/eee460/RadioactiveDecay.pdf

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    R3 Symmetric Matrices 

    Week 3: Symmetric Matrices

    Give a useful application of symmetry in real-life.
    One useful application of symmetry in real-life is on how living things use the symmetry of shapes. An example would be on how bees’ use symmetry to make their honeycomb. By using hexagons, a symmetric shape, mathematicians believe that they maximize the amount of honey that they produce using the least amount of wax.

    Source: http://listverse.com/2013/04/21/10-beautiful-examples-of-symmetry-in-nature/

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    R2 Vectors 

    Week 2: Vectors

    In what other ways can we use vectors? Give one sample application and describe/illustrate how the vector can be used.
    Vectors can be used when playing volleyball. When a player is receiving/tossing/spiking the ball, the person uses a specific amount of force (magnitude) to send it to a specific position/person (direction). The team with members who can control both the magnitude and direction of the ball has a higher chance of winning a game.

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    R1 Introduce yourself 

    Week 1: Introduce yourself

    What’s your name?
    Hi! I’m Roben Delos Reyes. You can call me Roben /row-ben/.

    What were your thoughts when you enrolled in this course?
    It is going to be full of math.

    How comfortable are you with math?
    Math used to be one of my favorite subjects when I was younger. I like it and I’m good at it, but when I was in high school, I got tired of it. I don’t want to study it more on a higher level because I’m too lazy to analyze and solve math problems. Unfortunately, Computer Science is full of math so I’m stuck with it. I still enjoy it though. I enjoyed the 50 series, but I’m just too too lazy.

    What’s your dominant feeling right now?
    Right now, I’m feeling happy.

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