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    The topic that made the most impact to me is about vectors. I think in every topic in this course, vectors are involved that’s why. But the reason why it made an impact on me is because I have heard and learned things about vectors for the past years of my life. We learned about it in high school, physics, and some of our math courses in college but CS 130 gave it a new image to me. That it’s just not used in physics which is what I’ve really thought before. There are a lot of things that use vectors in our daily life and it’s just amazing, I think that this is the Computer Science major magic lol, that just knowing how things work gives something like fulfillment or feeling like you’ve achieved something for knowing these stuff.

    FUN. I think all of the courses handled by Sir Paul are fun. He was my professor in my CS 12 large class but being handled in a smaller classroom is much more comfortable. I like that there are ice breakers before class start and we were able to get to know new people and new shows to watch because of it. Honestly speaking, I really don’t know why I’m in this degree program but I really made an effort in this course. It made me feel my love for mathematics again.

    It was a fun semester, everyone. See you around!


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    Fourier Transform in NMR Spectroscopy 

    Fourier Transform is used in a lot of spectroscopy and one of this is NMR spectroscopy.

    Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy or also known as NMR spectroscopy is one of the research technique that utilizes magnetic properties of some atomic nuclei. This determines the chemical and physical properties of an atom and also the molecules contained inside one.

    Fourier transform is used to extract frequency-domain spectrum from the raw-time domain FID (free induction decay).

    source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_magnetic_resonance_spectroscopy

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    Symmetry in Fashion Design 



    There are principles that are followed by fashion designers. These are balance, proportion, rhythm, emphasis, and unity. In balance, two types were tackles, the symmetrical designs and asymmetrical designs.

    Symmetrical balance or also knows as formal balance characterizes the equal “weight” of the designs when the fulcrum is acting as the center of the overall look. This means that when the designs is divided at the fulcrum, both sides have the same placement of the elements

    source: http://www.fashiondesignscope.com/?p=3302.

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    Game Development 

    Angry birds, for example. Yung game po. Vectors are usually used in game development to describe change in positions. 5qccx

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    Cute ako 

    Week 1: Introduce yourself

    Hi! I’m Nicole Jade Rongalirios (Rong-ga-li-ri-yos) De Guzman. Nixs, yes very jeje, was my nickname since high school. UP CURSOR gave me a new nickname,Jade, because there were too many Nicoles inside the org lel (ako pa nag-adjust. Sanay na naman akong ako laging nag-aadjust T^T)
    My thoughts when I enrolled in this course? Hmm. I just want to learn and pass it! I’m aiming for 100% units passed this semester. 😦 I’m comfortable with Math, I think. I’m actually good at it if I study enough or more than enough, which I’ll try to do from now on.

    Most of the time when I’m alone, I feel okay, but I’m really not so yeah. It’s something to work on. But with other people, I’m energized enough to interact with them.

    PS: Hindi po ako masungit. :((

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