I think the topic that had the most impact for me would be Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues. When I first encountered these last year in a Math 114 class, I didn’t really see too much in it and shrugged it off as a minor tool in mathematics (probably because I barely attended the lectures in that class, lol). However, CS 130 has really brought it to light. Now I appreciate them more than ever, seeing many of their applications, especially those in matrix/image transformations.

This may sound cliche but I really think the course, in my opinion, is best described as fun. Yes, fun. Sir Paul’s pre-class group activities and his humor definitely made the class feel lighter, despite the mental workload of studying mathematical methods. I don’t think any other class I’ve been in has better ice-breakers and an overall fun vibe than this one.

I was never good at parting messages because I usually revolve around one point that I keep reiterating and it ends up being annoying in the end lol. Besides, I’m not really too close with much of the class so I will take this opportunity to say goodbye and best of luck to all your future endeavors. Also, support local independent (the actual independent, DIY artists, not those that pose as “indie” merely to market themselves) music!