Which topic/s in class made an impact to you? Why?

  • Matrices. A lot of topics revolved around this and it had a lot of practical applications in the field of Computer Science.

If you can summarize this course in one word or sentence, what would it be?

  • Mathakit sa ulo. Kidding. If I were to summarize this course in a sentence, it would be: mathututo ka talaga, hindi lang ng Math kundi pati ng applications nya in real life. I just love how sir taught CS 130 because it made me appreciate the Mathematical concepts we learn in class. We were shown not only the concepts and practices in this class but also how it is related to solving real-world problems.

What would be your parting message to the class

  • Thank you Sir Paul for making the topics relatively easier to learn and thank you for making the class fun and insightful.
  • Thank you ebribadi u dabest. Kapit lang. I believe in you.
  • HORAY!