I know this is quite late. Okay, who am I kidding, this is way overdue, but you know what they say, old as it may be, better late than never (is it really?)

Hi, I’m Daine Rhythm Daling

When I first checked the course syllabus on the first day, I immediately recounted my experiences in the past courses I had back in EEE. Math 114 was our linear algebra course, and I quite enjoyed it except for the hellhole that is matrices. Nonetheless, the linear algebra part got me excited. For the latter parts, I was pretty excited to meet my good old friends Pierre-Simon Laplace and Joseph Fourier. Exactly a year ago they nearly beat me to death in my Signal Processing class, notoriously known as EEE 35. While I did fail that class, I was however excited to take another shot.

I would actually consider myself pretty comfortable with math. Shifting into Computer Science, I was deeply motivated by the theoretical aspect more than the part where people make cool websites and video games. I knew math and logic would be the heart of it all, two fields I would not consider myself a stranger to.

At the time, my dominant feeling was that of excitement. I could not wait to brush up on my linear algebra and get another chance to face Laplace transformations and the Fourier series.