The lesson I cannot forget is about RREF. First reason is that it’s really hard to reduce a matrix to it’s reduced echelon form. Second reason is, after the hardship in reducing a matrix, the output will make every other problems “easier” to solve. So I think that since we dealt with matrices almost all semester, learning how to reduce on to RREF, will surely be helpful and will make things easier.

EXCITING. The fact that this is my class every Wednesday and Friday, the games, classmates, prof, and how the lessons are delivered stops me from being lazy to not attend the class. I’m always excited on what would be the activity for the day and what are the lessons to be discussed.

THANK YOU EVERYONE! Thank you Sir Paul for your patience, hard work, and passion in teaching. I’m sorry if at some point, I did not give my best, yet you gave yours. I’m really sorry. I also want to thank all of my classmates for the fun experiences you all have brought. I like to give my a special gratitude to my quizmates and projectmates for the friendship and carrying me at hard times. Thank you everyone! :))