It’s the end where I begin

If you get the reference of the title without googling it, apir! Hahaha. Wala lang. 😉

The topic about matrices made an impact on me. Kasi, at its core, it’s a simple concept. Pero yung mga applications niya, WAGAS. Hahaha. Very useful even in real life situations. 😀

Hmm. If I were to describe this class in a sentence, it would be, “This class really is really numerical.”

I’m not sure if having no MPs as a requirement is a good thing, or a bad thing because throughout the sem, this course got me thinking, “Pano kaya i-poprogram itong mga inaaral namin. Haha. And how to actually optimize the programming solutions.” :))

To my (legit) classmates (1-2:30 PM),

Thank you for being a sport whenever we play a game in class. Hahaha.
Sa mga naging classmate ko pag nagsisit in sa ibang class time, thank you for letting me sit on your supposed chair. Hehe. 😉

Au revoir, mes amis! 😀