Ughh… Haifa Vector

Which topic/s in class made an impact to you? Why?
Baasiiiss! Hahaha it is our final project topic, and we won two awards! It was fun making the video. I learned that Michelle Scalar can’t be stopped (I’ll get back to you, buddy). Anywaayyss, yes, basis. its application is coool. Remeber that change of perspective photo? AMAZZEEENNGG!

If you can summarize this course in one word or sentence, what would it be?
HAAAAHHH ~(‘.’~) (~’.’)~

What would be your parting message to the class?
See you arouunnd mahfreennss ❤ THESISING NA NIYANN HOHOHO! Good luck sa atin! Let's enjoy the coming years, yes yes yes! \('.')/ \('.')/ \('.')/

OMG SIR PAUL SEE YOU AROUND 🙂 CONGRAATTSSSS HIHI Very inspirational parting wooords. I'm glad I took your class!