Photo-*chuckles*-SYNTHESIS :D heeeh? HEEEEH?! *cricket noises*

Well… That was fast… but OK. Definitely not an easy semester, but can’t say it wasn’t a good learning experience.

Linear transformations and matrices made the most impact on me even if they were the ones I had a hard time understanding. These topics are used a lot in VFX, which is something I love and am very passionate about. There’s a certain bliss in learning how something you like very much works, and in a way, it gives meaning to what you do. I also liked Fourier Transform even if we just brushed over it briefly. It felt tangible, and that makes sense to me. Also, apparently you can use it to encrypt and decrypt information, and that intrigues me.

This course has been… stressful to say the least, but I think that’s my problem since I really just have a hard time understanding these kinds of math as opposed to say AI.

Well, my message to the class… hm… It’s no secret that I’m delayed, and most if not all of the subjects I’m taking right now are being taken by Batch 2014. To be taking 3rd year subjects with batch 2014 is humbling to say the least, but I guess the entire UP experience is humbling haha. I didn’t get to interact with you all so much except for the groups, but I had fun taking the class with all of you. And to Sir Paul, thank you for being patient with all of us (and I think especially me, I know I’m not the brightest student, and a not very easy one to teach), and thank you for making the classes more lively with your unconventional activities and teaching methods. It makes the hardcore math way more bearable. Also, congrats Sir!

I wish everyone the best. Good luck to you all!