Matrices Everywhere

Yet another semester has ended to culminate in another myriad of memories to cherish.

The lesson that made an impact on me was the one about Gauss-Jordan Elimination kasi impakto talaga yung topic na yun. But in all seriousness, I’d say the lesson held enough of my attention to make more or less of an impact on me, as I found it quite curious and annoyingly interesting that you can turn certain matrices of not-so-friendly values into ones that look so simple and friendly that they’d be puppies had they been animals.

I’d summarize the course with one word: MATRICES. I’m willing to bet that not one of the students who took the course would deny the sheer amount of matrices that we saw over the semester. Funnily, I have been encountering matrix multiplication since my first year in college, each time having to ask how it worked because somehow the process didn’t ever get through my thick skull. However, thanks to CS 130, I don’t see myself forgetting this again.

Final words, well well.

I give my thanks to Sir Paul. It is commendable that you are not only an effective instructor, but also a friend among us students.

I thank my project groupmates (most of whom also happen to be my quiz groupmates, and for which I also give thanks) for the final project, and for being some of the new friends I’ve made this semester. Special thanks to Paul Sason na nagsalba sa final project woohoo!

Lastly, my classmates also receive my gratitude. I don’t know every one of you, but I don’t mind. We had fun.

Cheers, and see you around! 🙂