MATHEMAGIC: Don’t hate, appreciate.

The greatest topic ever that made an impact to me, is everything about vectors. And this isn’t because that is our topic for the final project, no. It’s because I think that CS130 kinda revolved around the idea of vectors. We discussed about vectors and the basic operations first. The next topics which are more complex were built upon this sort of foundation from our understanding of vectors. And I liked how this learning experience flowed smoothly. Well for me, at least. I never really had a hard time understanding it, because the class made me realize how simple it could really be!

If I could summarize the whole class in one word, it would be “mathemagic.” Hahaha. Some of the students here might get the reference, some won’t. Idk which one is luckier. But anyway! I got this term from another professor from another subject with the number 130 (“one-three-zero”) in it too. Never really appreciated the “mathemagic” in that class. 😦 But in CS 130, I sure as heck did! My favorite part of every lecture is having to know how to apply these concepts in the real world, which made me appreciate math a whole lot more. I strongly believe that every maths class should all turn out to be a maths appreciation class, not the kind that would make math less interesting just because it is hard to do. Luckily for all of us (opinion ko po i2), CS130 is not of the latter kind!

Honestly, I really didn’t think I would perform really well in this CS subject, let alone in any of my CS majors. Computer Science is really, really, really, really hard. But what motivates me to stay in this course is my appreciation for its real world applications, and how it could equip us with the tools, and all the mathematics, that would make us understand more deeply this world we are living in. And thus be able to actually help the field, science, and all of humanity progress. Huhuhuhuhuhu. So with that, I leave this parting message for my #klasmeyts (another reference, oops): Good job guys! Sa lahat ng nasa CS pa, laban lang!!! Kaya natin to! WOOOOHH!!!!

PS: Let this be an appreciation post for all the great teachers that don’t make our lives a living hell and math a source of unbearable pain. Thank you Sir Paul! ❤

PPS: This wordpress blog/journal thing has actually increased my appreciation for the subject. I am actually thinking of starting my own blog/journal to develop my appreciation on other stuff too! Thanks for the idea, Sir!