Life’s Reality and Imagination

Our lives are like complex numbers. There’s the reality we live in everyday, where we bring forth ideas into something we can sense and comprehend. And there’s the imaginary, where we cower away into the deepest depths of our minds like the artists we are, thinking and manifesting.

It all starts there. The mixture, the blending, the fusion of real and imaginary. From there roots all we have now, and what we will have in the future.

CS 130 is like the fundamentals of something grander.

We started off with complex numbers in CS 130, and from there, we kept on upgrading to harder and harder topics. Such is the growth of students. We first receive the simplest of tools, and using those tools, we are taught to create more complex ones.

I guess the road of a computer science student is still a long one, but at least, we have progressed further than where we were yesterday.