CS 130 Synthesis

I guess for me the topics that stood out were actually linear combinations and vectors. Vectors cause they’re already so familiar as having been taught in a lot of my classes and linear combinations cause of the project (I had to restart the process of recording like a million times cause my computer was slowwwww so now the topic was embedded unto my mind).

I’d summarize the whole classroom experience into one word: “Fun”. I guess that for me is the defining factor of all of Sir Paul’s classes. It’s something that I look forward to every Wednesdays and Fridays cause it’s like we’re just having a very interesting conversation, very different from your typical classroom experience. And I don’t dread the tests as much, as reviewers are provided which for me were so helpful in actually appreciating the course itself rather than stress over if I’m gonna pass or not.

Parting Message: Good job everyone! Especially to my final project group, and especially to Theo who tried his best to remind everyone the deadlines (and what should be done) and save the project lol

Kudos to everyone!