Topic Four (Yay!)

Fourier Transform in Communication Systems

The Fourier Transform is largely used in communications theory. It is essential to understanding how signals work through channels.

Communication systems are “systems designed to transmit and receive information”. These information are transmitted using signals, and these signals are often viewed and analyzed in the frequency domain. Using the Fourier transform we can analyze these signals and the quality of these signals. We can also convert an analog system to a digital system using the the equations essential to the Fourier Transform.

“Fourier Transform has greatly improved the way we are sending/collecting data.” For example, “when sound is recorded digitally the strength of the sound wave itself can be recorded (this is what a “.wav” file is), but more often these days the Fourier transform is recorded instead.” Later on, the Fourier transform signal is then “turned back into regular sound signal”.

Fourier Transform is very helpful for images and sound files, like MP3s or JPEGs. It’s nice that we have these Transforms. I couldn’t imagine my phone without all my MP3 files!