Fourier Transform on Audio Mixing and Analyzing

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If you are dealing with frequency analysis of the audio wave “quantitatively”, one of the best tools is FFT or Fast Fourier Transform. It is an algorithm to compute the Fourier transform equivalent of a time domain. [1]

This highly advanced technique is very simple to understand, it simply converts a time domain function into a frequency domain function. [1]

After audio mix down (where all sound of the instruments are cohesively combined into a single wave), the song is represented as a time domain function – as we can see that the x – axis of the wave is using a time element in hours: minutes: seconds (only minutes and seconds is used realistically). [1]

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But time domain graph of the audio wave specially used during the mastering process of the track is simply a plot of amplitude (y-axis) versus time. Obviously you cannot see the frequencies of that wave. It is why we used FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) to convert this time domain representation into a frequency domain plot. With frequency domain, you can analyze the amplitude (y-axis) versus Frequencies. [1]

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