Let's La-plus or La-minus Road Bumps!

“Traffic engineering is the application of Laplace Transform to the quantification of speed control in the modelling of road bumps with hollow rectangular shape.”

The main use of road bumps in a road network is to calm speedy vehicles in a physical form. It’s main goal is to break the speed of vehicles in order to prevent over-speeding, and accidents as well. The geometry of road bumps are classified according to their shapes. For the study that I used as my reference, the method they made models the vehicle as the classical one-degree-of-freedom system whose base follows the road profile, approximated by Laplace Transform. Then, a traditional vibration analysis is carried out and the isolation factor is calculated.

Try to read my reference from researchgate.net to learn more 😀 (hahahahuhu feel ko di ko maexplain ng maayos yung technical part pero ayun nga, ginagamit nila Laplace transform para makita yung effective distance between two road bumps, and para rin makatulong in controlling the speed of vehicles, reduce noise pollution due to vehicle movement and sudden break application, and maintain minimum impact on the vehicles).

hehe :>