Control systems

Laplace Transforms can be used in control systems.

Control systems refer to a set of devices that directs the behavior of other devices. One might say that a control system controls other systems. A problem that can be solved by such is stated below:

We have a particular electric motor that is supposed to turn at a rate of 40 RPM. To achieve this speed, we must supply 10 Volts to the motor terminals. However, with 10 volts supplied to the motor at rest, it takes 30 seconds for our motor to get up to speed. This is valuable time lost.

Manipulation of such systems is made possible by converting them into something called a Laplace transform domain, so that a problem can be easily solved with integral transforms and Ordinary Differential Equations or ODEs (as changes can be visualized with these things). The math involved in a control system makes it possible for humans and even computers to manipulate control systems.