Vectors in Cartography

Cartography is the Science of Mapmaking.

In what ways can mapmaking, you say, be related to vectors?

In Math 55, topography has been one of the applications of vector fields. In the real world, maps and computer science are very much related as vertices and weighted edges.

Check this Google Street map of UP Diliman for example:

There you will see streets with arrows to indicate one-way streets. Some are unlabeled, to indicate that they go both ways.

Street maps aside, a much wider application in Cartography is for seafarers, for them to know the ocean currents. Similar to vector fields in winds in relation to the weather, these maps are used around the 14th to 17th centuries during the exploration of the world.

Fun fact: If anyone has taken Kas 1, one might know that the route back to Mexico from the Philippines was discovered by the Spanish friar Andres de Urdaneta, thus opening the route of the Manila Galleon Trade. Sailors from Mexico travel west to reach the Philippines, and in order for one to go back, one must sail North towards Japan then east back to Mexico.