The use of visual vectors in film editing

You can employ the use of visual vectors like graphical vectors and motion vectors in editing so as to give your audience visual cues of the tone, direction, and location of connected scenes in a film. Graphic vectors have something to do with non-moving objects like horizons, lines along a silhouette of a building, etc., and are used in such a way that scenes following one another have to maintain the lines and angles (or at least their “nature”), so as when cutting from one shot to another, the audience does not feel lost because of abrupt changes that do not feel continuous.

Besides these are motion vectors, wherein movement even across shot changes have to be maintained so as not to again, break continuity, leading to the audience feeling lost. (ex. you can’t show one shot of a character walking to the left and showing a close-up shot of them where the movement across the shot is oriented in such a way that the character is facing the right edge of the shot)