Symmetry in our Alphabet!

Not the most breakthrough of ideas but a very interesting one that most of us probably haven’t noticed.

When looking at the uppercase alphabet how many letters do you think are symmetrical? 16 out of 26 letters can be symmetrical when halved either horizontally or vertically!

A, M, T, U, V, W and Y are vertically symmetrical.
B, C ,D, E and K are horizontally symmetrical.
H, I and X are symmetrical both ways.
O is infinitely symmetrical.

When split horizontally the words CHECKBOOK and DECIDED are symmetrical.

When split vertically the words
M                                T
A                                 O
A             and             O
M                                 T

And the word SWIMS is rotationally symmetrical which means that you can rotate it by any number of degrees and it would still spell SWIMS.