Hi, I’m Arianne, and although hindi ko sya parating mapanindigan in areas like my classes (dahil orgmates ko lang mostly tumatawag sakin nito), I’ve been trying to get people to call me Daya HAHA. The reason lang is that I feel that I share the name with too many people na and that I really like Daya, but any of the two would work pa rin (((:

As always (and as someone na 3 beses nang naging prof si sir), naexcite ako dahil si Sir Paul ‘to and for sure may panibagong kwento na naman yung magiging exams sa 130 HAHA.

Not very, but I’m warming up to it as I see more and more applications of it in things I’m interested in. It took me a while, but I now clearly see that math is in everything, and that math can be beautiful.

Sakto lang po hehehe