Art is a medium where people can express their creativity and skills. There are many important concepts and techniques that you need to consider when creating AND observing art. One of those techniques is SYMMETRY.

I picked several Early Renaissance paintings by Pietro Perugino as examples. As you can see in the painting examples below. Perugino loves using techniques to give depth, balance, harmony, and symmetry in his works. In the images below, the managed to emphasize the middle focal point in his paintings by making objects symmetrical like the buildings in Christ Handing the Keys to Saint Peter (1482) and Marriage of the Virgin (1500). Meanwhile in almost all of the examples below, you can see the number of people and their distribution are symmetrical. Even the way they are placed and the orientation of their body are also  balanced.

These are only a few examples on how art can be symmetrical and balanced even in subtle ways. :>

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P.S. credits to my FA 30 prof for introducing to Renaissance Art, super worth it ing AH GE class na ito ❤