*le semi-late intro*

(I don’t usually format my blog posts like this but it’s already 2AM so oh well)

What’s your name?

Hi guys, I’m Juan Gabriel Tamayo, but you can call me Gabe.

What were your thoughts when you enrolled in this course?

“Sana totoo yung rumors na si Sir Paul yung magtuturo 😦 “. Was not disappointed 😀

How comfortable are you with math?

Math and I are pretty tight. We’ve had our fair share of maximas and minimas, but our friendship is still an increasing function. We know our limits, so we don’t plot anything that would result in a discontinuity in our relations. Transparency is an integral part of our friendship, so we make sure to know each other’s problems and variables and find solutions for our equations. (okay, enough math puns)

What’s your dominant feeling right now?


It’s 2AM and I haven’t started studying yet so yay

Okay woo intro done (sorry sir for doing this just now 😦 )

Also, note to future self: Sleep is good, but so is NOT CRAMMING. Please get your priorities straight thanks huhuhu