Symmetry in Time Crystals

What a time to be alive! To be in the generation that a new proposed physical concept is undergoing a strict proving process to be finalized. The concept is “time crystals”. What might surprise us is that these “time crystals” are no longer just a a concept. Two groups from the University of Maryland and Harvard University have already reported their success in producing them.

But where does symmetry play in all of these? You see some objects in reality are symmetrical in space. But here we are talking about Time Symmetry, a concept that takes too long to explain. But let’s focus on the word “crystals”. Why are they called “Time Crystals”? Surely they can be called anything but why “Crystals”? The answer to these questions is that crystals are asymmetric in nature (specifically in space), in accordance to that Time Crystals are assymetric in both TIME and SPACE.

For time crystals the laws of nature don’t change with time, but the time crystals themselves change as it chooses a ground-state motion which spontaneously breaks TTS or (the time traversal symmetry). This is an object that has an anomaly in time, IN TIME. This is something to really look forward to hearing about.

This should be really interesting as if all goes well in their production we can use them as information drives (like flash drives, you should read on how they work). They may not last forever in storage (kasi walang forever) but it’s certainly longer than our concept of forever.