02: Dancing bees~~~ young and sweet, only seventeen. . .

One fine afternoon during my Lingg 1 class, we were talking about animal communication system and our prof mentioned how bees communicate to other bees the location of a flower/food source they saw. Bees actually dance in front of the group and use vectors to describe the location of the food source! They walk in a straight line while shaking their body nang super intense with matching flap ng wings.

Basically, may meaning yung steps na ginagawa nila. They align their body in the direction of the food source in accordance with the sun. So if they do the dance step nang pa-straight north, it means that exactly nasa direction ng sun yung food source. Kapag pa-straight south naman, it means that nasa south yung food source. They also do a 45 degree-inclination to the left or right of the sun para mas accurate yung direction na ibibigay nila. The distance is conveyed by the number of repetitions they do the dance. Amazing bees!!! 🙂