Photography Composition

In photography, symmetry is one good technique to achieve a balanced composition. A symmetrical photo exudes order, stability and perfection.

Although not everything beautiful is symmetrical, and not everything symmetrical is beautiful, there are instances when an almost-perfectly symmetrical photo surpasses a non-symmetrical one. The creators of Snap Great Photos blog provided some examples of “snapping great photos” by capturing symmetry in photos.

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 4.53.11 AM.png

But as I’ve said, not all things beautiful have to be symmetric. Roberto Valenzuela shows how “breaking the symmetry” changes the story of a photo.


The symmetrical photo on the left leaves a serene, well-composed impression, but it may also be taken as static and boring. On the other hand, the photo on the right creates a tension as the subject breaks the symmetry, which leaves a more photojournalistic feel.