Sea Breeze Analysis using Vector Integration

In fluid dynamics, circulation is the line integral around a closed curve of the velocity field. It can be obtained by taking the line integral of Newton’s second law for a closed chain of fluid partial. It is know as the Bjerknes Circulation Theorem.


This theorem uses vector integration. It is used in analyzing the bartropic fluids. Bartropic fluids are a useful model for fluid behavior in many fields of science. Most liquids have a density which varies weakly with pressure or temperature, which is the density of a liquid, is nearly constant, so to first approximation liquids are bartropic.

The sea breeze analysis can be explained using the bartropic flow.


The sea breeze will develop in which lighter fluid the warm land air is made to rise and heavier fluid sea is made to sink. So the air from sea will come to land to fill the free place this occurs seas breeze.