Vectors: Life Mapping

I guess I’m not really sure if this can actually be implemented but this one’s just an idea I thought of.
Maybe in an ideal world where I’m successful and I’m more motivated to pursue my goals and dreams this might be a reality. I think vectors can be used to represent and map people and not just map geographically or via location, I mean map like decision maps. Like we can delve into the possibilities of where each person might end up in in their own lives. In a 3D space we’re allowed to think that there’re no boundaries, infinitesimal possibilities and we can make a vector for each person in the world maybe linked to our brains and let it begin on the 0 vector and as we make our own choices we make our own vectors scale larger or smaller or even add new vectors to the end of each vector but each vector is specific only to us although maybe sometimes we might find someone in our lives and we might coincide on the same line and maybe even arrive at a point where both our vectors split into three vectors, creating a new relative 0 vector to this newly born vector. Each point in this never ending 3D space could be acquainted with a specific point in time or place where everyone’s vectors are just intermingled with each other in a vast vast 3D space. Who knows, maybe this kind of thinking might arrive at a new dimension and open new possibilities for science. [more ideas but I think this is long now so yeah…]

If we’re talking about vector application that’s real though we might acquaint it with gaming but more on positioning like if you attempt to program using Scratch you might be able to make a side-scrolling game wherein you use vectors to determine your sprite’s movement and change it if it need be.