Vector Analysis on Pathogens

A pathogen or infectious agent is a biological agent that causes disease or illness to its host. Vector analysis can track a possible bioterrorism by knowing where it started, a probable point of release. It can also be used to track the links between victims and to predict the spread of the illness. Tracking such can be complicated for it is a multi-variable problem. It takes complex statistical analysis and graph theory.
Not everyone that gets exposed gets sick.

The data of such  can be discovered with the use of a Geographic Information System  which allows mathematicians to map victims and potential disease clusters with real-time data. Working hand-in-hand  with G.I.S is the Susceptible Infectious Recovered (SIR) model is a differential equation model  which identifies the independent and dependent variables. Namely, the independent variable is time t, measured in days while the two related sets of dependent variables are 1.) the number of people in each of the groups of susceptible, infected and recovered individuals and 2.) the fraction of the total population in the same mentioned 3 categories . These G.I.S and S. I.R model are the two things that allows us to know what is the source or is it a person or a place.