• What’s your name?

Hi! I’m Edrich Hans Chua. People at school (or the general public) calls me Edrich, but people at home call me Hans. Pwede rin cutie, pogi, or hot. Pinaka-famous yung term na “sexy beast” sakin.

  • What were your thoughts when you enrolled in this course?

I was excited to have sir Paul as my instructor for the first time. People who have taken this subject the previous semester said the course wasn’t that hard, so I hope I won’t be having a hard time.

  • How comfortable are you with math?

So-so. I don’t like it AT ALL, but I don’t find it too hard. I graduated high school na walang alam sa trigonometry (I was excused in class a lot), like di ko alam yung soh-cah-toa and all those stuff. Pero pumasa ako ng math 17 so I guess I got that going for me, which is nice.

I guess being Chinese pays off.

  • What’s your dominant feeling right now

.5 Tired, .5 worried. Galing lang sa gym kanina, so pagod my muscles ko + slight headache. Saturday class isn’t fun at all 😦 Worried din cause may probsets and stuff to do kaagad huhu.

I’m also worried my parents might kick me out of the house if I fail a math course like this.

joke lang :))))