Hello all.

  • What’s your name?

My name is Don Rodolfo Padilla Abril. My nicknames include Don, Doño, DR, and Utoy as a reference to a Pugad Baboy character. Just call me Don. A little trivia: I am the second Don in the family, the first being my only brother Don Julio. Our names were taken from our father Rodolfo Julio. Share lang.

  • What were your thoughts when you enrolled in this course?

Upon taking this course I knew I would be facing a lot of hard work as I have before with other math-intensive subjects.

  • How comfortable are you with math?

I’ve always said that I have a love-hate relationship with math. Whether I’m comfortable with it or not depends on the specific subject matter I’m currently tackling. For instance, I hated Math 17, but loved Math 53. There are topics that come smoothly and there are topics that don’t. Simply put, I’m about as comfortable with math as it allows me to be.

  • What’s your dominant feeling right now?

I’ve just finished with a satisfying meal after a tiring 2-hour trip, and all that I can think of is the sweet, sweet caress of a mattress and pillows. I feel sleepy.