Hello world

  • What’s your name?

Hi I am Dana Kathleen Redeña. You can call me Dana. Dana is pronounced the same as the character Dana Scully from X-Files (my name was really based from her). Though I’m fine with people calling me with the usual ‘Dana’ pronunciation.

  • What were your thoughts when you enrolled in this course?

Honestly, I enrolled to this course with a “Bahala na si Batman”/”GG” feeling. Not because of CS 130 itself but the thought of juggling CS 153, CS 145, CS 130, and CS 194 (and others- a total of 19 units) all in one semester. I guess my load is a greater call for better study habits and just better life management in general.

  • How comfortable are you with math?

Math and I are in a love-hate relationship. I appreciate it and I want to actually go further in my learning, but (4 Math majors in) I feel like my brain is not as adept into learning/performing Math as I would other learnings like programming, science or design.

  • What’s your dominant feeling right now?

“How to adult?” (okay, not much of a feeling but a thought) I’m quite exhausted because of the new semester and also my org event commitment but I’m quite very fueled up for this semester (quite frankly even this year) as I want to do so many things (acads-wise, org-wise, personal-wise, adulting-wise, design-wise) like finally having proper CV and resume (Hi Sir Paul I remembered from CS 12 that you showed us your beautiful resume #goals). I just want to do so many things and I hope that I have the strength and great habits to do them.