Well, my name is Kenneth Velasquez. People call me Kenn, K, Kenndudz, Kenneth, and many more.

At first I thought, “I badly need to pass this course!” I got intimidated when I saw math, but when I looked at the possibilities, maybe it’s not all that bad.

For me, math is challenging. It gives me a mild dyslexia (especially in cases where large quantities of numbers are being looked at) but it makes me feel comfortable. I try my best to look at math as my bestfriend, but some bestfriends can slap you in the face so hard it stings. Hopefully it won’t happen this time.

I feel somehow refreshed. After a few moments of silence and reflection, everything looks brighter and better. Looking forward to the things that may come gives me jitters with a hint of joy. Thinking about it, the possibilities for the future are endless, but it all boils down to what I will do today.