The Evil Ruler of All Potatoes (Week 1: Introduce Yourself)

  • What’s your name?

Hi I’m Kyle irl, but online I usually go by the name DarkPotatoKing (or DPK for short). I’m fine with being called any of those names. 🙂

This is what I look like both online and irl.


  • What were your thoughts when you enrolled in this course?

I heard that CS 130 was gonna be a difficult course, but now I guess it’s all okay since Sir Paul will be the one teaching. I think that this will be an exciting course and I hope I will be able to appreciate and apply the concepts even after I pass this course (Yes let’s be positive 🙂 #ClaimingIt).

  • How comfortable are you with math?

Much more comfortable than blogging in wordpress, seriously I’ve never done this before or anything similar so I’m still figuring out the functionalities. :)))

Anyway back to the topic, outside of classroom settings I actually like math. I hate having to solve problems and solving them really fast during an exam, but when I apply it in other things irl I find it fun to do.

One of my favorite games is Fire Emblem. It’s a turn based strategy game where you control your units (people), fight enemy units, and do certain objectives like killing the boss of that chapter or seizing a castle or throne room. It has an RNG, but a lot of things can be calculated using math. For example: damage is UNIT_TOTAL_ATTACK – ENEMY_TOTAL_DEFENCE, hit rate is UNIT_HIT – ENEMY_AVOID, etc.

In this game you can predict the future (outcomes of battles, enemy movement, etc.) by calculating A LOT. Sometimes I even have to use a calculator when I’m planning my strategy for the current map. I find it fun calculating a lot of little things just to make sure that my unit can kill all enemies within range while at the same time remaining alive. Since this game has an RNG I also have to calculate probabilities, for example what is the probability that my player will miss an attack. Even “good” strategies can be turned around if you’re unlucky to have your opponent land a 1% crit on one of your low hp units. I think that these probability calculations in Fire Emblem somewhat helped me develop the idea for IskoDuler.

So yeah, I’d say I’m comfortable with math, but only outside the classroom.

  • What’s your dominant feeling right now?

Cold. Anlamig dito sa TLC. So sad na tapos na yung pasko pero SMP parin ako :((( hahaha jk :)))