My name is Jeff

Week 1: Introduce yourself

What’s your name?
Hi! I’m Alezon Maxine Valerio, Alezon for short.

What were your thoughts when you enrolled in this course?
“Sana naman mapasa ko na ‘to this sem.”

How comfortable are you with math?
I feel pretty indifferent with regards to Math. Back in grade school, I was thankful for it being the subject with the least amount of things to memorize but I never particularly liked it. I did well to the point of joining inter school math contests, but it was pretty far from being my favorite subject. When high school came and there were more letters than numbers in equations, my usual ease in solving problems ceased to exist and I was faced with probably the most frustrating subject of all time. I admit it is pretty satisfying when you complete a solution though, so despite the fact that now I find it so difficult, Math still gives me the most fulfilling feeling among any other subjects. I’m truthfully shit at it now what with my Math and Math-related CS grades never going higher than 2.50, but hey, nothing beats the feeling of overcoming something so frustratingly difficult.

And as a BS CS student, I have to deal with Math all the time like it’s a bratty sibling that annoys and frustrates me constantly, but I have no other choice but to love it and deal with it every single day because it’s sometimes nice and is family. So yeah, I just try not to care so much and ended up feeling indifferent towards Math/Math-related subjects.

What’s your dominant feeling right now?

Just like the usual: there is the lingering self-loathing brought upon by the unfortunate events of reality and the anxiety of what tomorrow might bring.