Hi there! Jai here!

My full name is Jairus John Almazol Garcia. Most people call me Jairus, but you can also use Jay, Jay-Jay, Jai, Jai-Jai, or just any way you want, but please skip Rus-Rus ‘coz it kinda sounds like a genital disorder. (HAHAHA no, seriously)

me while enlisting CS 130:
“prereq Math55, check”
“good timeslot, check”
(and that’s all about it)

Long time ago, me and math lived together in harmony, but everything changed when UP happened. Only Sir Paul, master of Mathematical Methods in Computer Science, can help me, but when I needed him the most, ayun na-ospital. (hala joke lang sir. healthy ka sir this year. i can feel it)

sorry sabaw 😀