I am Eunice Angel Dela Cruz Cruz 😀

When I enrolled for this course, I just thought, “hhmmm mahal na mahal yata ako ng math, ayaw akong pakawalan.” (and as if naman we’d part ways any sooner hehe)

I don’t remember myself hating math, in fact, I think I am very open and excited when it’s math time. I remember how the challenge of solving math problems (kind of) trigger the “competitive” me. Until the 1st half of my high school life, I think it was good. But it just became more and more challenging (and my math teacher/s were just way too intimidating for me that I can’t ask them for help #shytype hahaha jk) that even though my competitiveness is triggered, it was overpowered by anxiety and nervousness that sometimes, I just can’t get over with.

But truly, I do not hate math, I still find it interesting. I just need the right motivation and understanding as to where I’d be able to use all the things that math offers.

I am at ease, as of the moment. But… I think once this week ends, I’d be eaten by panic and I won’t be as happy as I am right now because I won’t be able to do things that are not related to academics (a.k.a. no time for my hobbies). #haggardsemforever :< #verypessimistic hahahaha