Cute ako

Week 1: Introduce yourself

Hi! I’m Nicole Jade Rongalirios (Rong-ga-li-ri-yos) De Guzman. Nixs, yes very jeje, was my nickname since high school. UP CURSOR gave me a new nickname,Jade, because there were too many Nicoles inside the org lel (ako pa nag-adjust. Sanay na naman akong ako laging nag-aadjust T^T)
My thoughts when I enrolled in this course? Hmm. I just want to learn and pass it! I’m aiming for 100% units passed this semester. 😦 I’m comfortable with Math, I think. I’m actually good at it if I study enough or more than enough, which I’ll try to do from now on.

Most of the time when I’m alone, I feel okay, but I’m really not so yeah. It’s something to work on. But with other people, I’m energized enough to interact with them.

PS: Hindi po ako masungit. :((