Week 1: Introduce yourself

  • What’s your name?

Sup! I’m AF. Short for Adrian Formaran. But you can call me whatever you like, as long as it’s nothing cringy or disgusting.

  • What were your thoughts when you enrolled in this course?

I’m quite the stereotype Asian nigga everyone knows – Math and Science lover. I say I enjoy the math side of Computer Science cause they pose some nice problems. I prefer it to the programming courses, so I’m quite hyped to be enrolled in this course , especially having sir Paul as my prof for the first time.

  • How comfortable are you with math?

Math’s been my whole childhood. I grew up eating math for brunch and dinner. Our school heavily focused on math. As much as I am not that good at it, people yearn for the things they don’t have so I really like this subject.

  • What’s your dominant feeling right now?

My feelings are hard to describe. Sometimes, I am not even sure of what I’m feeling. More so the fact in telling you what it is; since how could you fathom what other people feel through an explanation? So my final answer is… I’m not too sure.