Beep Boop! I'm Rafa

Week 1: Introduce yourself

Hi! I’m Rafael Miguel Veneracion Cantero. Most people just call me Rafa.

CS 130… I’ve heard a lot about it from upperclassmen and I honestly wasn’t very excited to take it this sem. I know it’s quite math heavy and if it’s anything like 135, it would be pretty difficult.

I think my math skills are average at best. I did well with math 17 but struggled with the 50 series. I prefer coding and logical problem solving more than having to memorize equations. I also feel less motivation to study hard for subjects that don’t feel practical to me. And I never really felt  the more advanced calculus topics to be very practical.

Right now my dominant feeling would be laziness(?). The Christmas break felt short and I’m still not ready to get back into the college life hahahuhu. All I want to do right now is just sleep/eat/play and having Monday to Saturday classes doesn’t help. x-x