HOI World!

[Week 1: Introductions]

Hey guys! I’m Aliya Ahlanna Miranda. You can just call me Aliya (nope! not Aliyah nor Aaliyah :P). This is my second time taking CS130 since I’m kinda bad with math (creii). I honestly like solving problems but when the questions get tougher, I tend to become reaaalllyy confused and start panicking (;w;) Math does not reciprocate my feelings <///3 I also took Math 55 twice. I realized though, that I found my second take of Math 55 easier- maybe because it IS my second take or I was able to focus on it because I took it during a midsem. I wanna prove that by taking this major again, I CAN PASS.

I enrolled this semester feeling like entering a war zone, but with extra bullets and experience and ready to start the battle. I just got out of probation. All the majors I’m taking this sem are all the majors I failed last year. Taking them all again is triggering my bad memories but I feel more confident now because I was able to get out of my probationary status.

I’m really happy though that Sir Paul is teaching the course ‘cos I really like his teaching style (OwO) Starting the semester with one of my favorite profs has filled me with ♦ D E T E R M I N A T I O N ♦

PS Sorry Sir Paul! Sabi nyo po babaan namin expectations namin sa inyo pero ramdam na po na magiging masaya ang klase 😀 No pressure po hihi ❤