Start of an Epic Journey

Week 1: Introduce yourself

What’s your name?

Arlan Vincent D. Uy

What were your thoughts when you enrolled in this course?

My thoughts are the following:

  • This class might be the most fun class in Math that I will ever take
  • How come Math 55 became a prerequisite for this class? What particular topics in Math 55 are needed for this course.
  • I just want to graduate on time as much as possible (This is why I’m taking this subject as early as possible)

How comfortable are you with math?

Oftentimes, I enjoy math and all its little eccentricities and because of this I learn Math not just for purpose of being a required subject but also for fun. In other times, however, I just make comments about it using an angery emoticon. This is because sometimes it fools me that I know in depth one of its certain topic even though I really am just on the tip of the iceberg. Nevertheless, both enjoying studying Math and making angery comments towards Math made me know this subject more and I am just really thankful for this kind of relationship I have with Math

What’s your dominant feeling right now?

Happy because Sir Paul is my professor and thankful that I have one more opportunity to strengthen my relationship with Math