Week 1: Introduce yourself

My name is Jerico Lim Silapan. You can call me Jeco, Echo, Jecong, Kulot, but you can just call me Jerico.

With the rumors spreading around about how 13x subjects are hard, my initial reaction as I saw my appeal contract, I was afraid and petrified for some seconds. Seeing not just one, but two (2) 13x subjects was like a scene from horror movie and gave me a chill in the spine. Even though it’s hard, I will do my best and pray.

Honestly, during my grade school years, I’m a MTAP student and I was sent by our school to compete. I was confident at my Mathematics skills before, but after I stepped in the High School zone, it was all flushed in the sewers. I don’t know why but during my high school, I’m like a child learning math again. I don’t really know what happened therefore my grades are dropping harder than a lit bass, but I never stopped trying to learn. I never hated math, and I can say that I’m a little bit comfortable with it, but I’m a slow learner. I need to put effort to understand it and overcome the walls build by the legendary Mathematics. So I will never stop trying and will do my best for this course.

I currently feeling scared but with enthusiasm. It’s like the feeling when you are entering a new school, where you see new teachers and classmates, you are scared and alone but there is something inside you that wants to meet all of the new people and experience the new adventure coming.

K U L O T cause I have a curly hair, but at some time last year, I did an experiment and relaxed my hair on a salon. Well, just look at my hair during class to see the results.

(Picture from 2012)