It me

Week 1: Introduce yourself

What’s your name?
Wassup, I’m Christine Felizardo, but you can call me Christine.

What were your thoughts when you enrolled in this course?
Honestly, I was in a very “WOO YES PUMASA NA AKO NG 55 PWEDE NA AKO MAG-130” mood. Although, I didn’t think too much about what I’ll expect from this subject. I do know there’s a lot of math yet again, but that’s pretty much it.

How comfortable are you with math?
Story time! I loved my Math 5x series. I never got a grade above 2.25 and below 2.5, but that doesn’t match up the fun I’ve had reviewing for exams (YES, I really did enjoy my studying for each LE). My most favourite of all is 55, which I actually took twice; I dropped it the first time, because I disliked my prof (a combo-breaker for my series of wonderful, kind Math profs) and I didn’t feel like I was appreciating what I was learning. Was 55 supposed to be that tedious? Why am I upset? (The real reason, however, is that I was anticipating removals and we were going abroad the week after the semester ended. I didn’t want to miss that so I just nipped it in the bud.)
The second time was the real game-changer. I didn’t think too much about what I felt about math when I took 53 and 54, but by the time I was taking 55 I was like wow, I actually love math. I feel like it was largely because my prof now was once again part of the wonderful & kind ones I mentioned earlier, which I am super grateful for since it changed my attitude on 55. There’s just something fun about double/triple integrals, or drawing an elliptic paraboloid, or even solving for whether this equation was convergent or divergent. Sure it would frustrate me to an extent when something wasn’t right, but I mostly channel that frustration to checking what I’m missing, then trying again. Math was a constant cycle of learning. I eventually got to appreciate the complexity of it all.
To sum it up, I’m comfortable with Math.

What’s your dominant feeling right now?
I’m hopeful about the coming semester, and even the coming months of 2017. I’m expecting a lot of crying occurring in the near future, but that’s what adds spice to life, honestly.