I'm Levi.

Week 1: Introduce Yourself

Hi there. My name is Levi Joshua De Guia.

I didn’t really think much about the course and what to expect from it when I enlisted it during the first batch run. One thing’s for sure in my mind that time. It’s 13x, therefore it’s hard.

I was pretty comfortable with Mathematics during my high school days, permitting me to study the night just by browsing notes before the examination and still get a decent grade. Then, college happened. Institute of Mathematics’ exam difficulty happened. I absolutely hate solving sample problems as a way to review (except when there is an answer key) so when professors and instructors kept reminding us to practice to do well, I knew I’m done for. It also began in college where I “legit” didn’t understand what was happening on some lessons even though I was paying attention. So reflecting on the question now, I’m slightly not comfortable with Math anymore. But maybe I haven’t found my inspiration yet to truly appreciate and devote a part of myself to Mathematics.

I’m stressed already just by hearing the requirements I have to do this semester and it’s not even a week yet.