Hugger Mugger

What’s your name?
My full name’s Blaine Corwyn Dalucapas Aboy but people call me Corwyn, sometimes Cors… but Corwyn’s fine I guess.

What were your thoughts when you enrolled in this course?
I was thinking about my Math 55 removals results which as of now still haven’t been updated so I’m actually not sure if I’m pushing through with this course … In the worst case, I’ll be changing this for a retake of Math 55 and this might be my only post for this course (might be deleted too). Best Case. Wooh. I’m staying here and more journal posts.

How comfortable are you with math?
I used to be really comfortable with everything … like all the math I’ve learned in my life until I started with Calculus. Yeah, I started failing in high school because of Calculus but I’ve made it this far so … in the end, I’m not so comfortable with Math.

What’s your dominant feeling right now?
Scared. Also I really really really want to play but I don’t know if I should play or I should sleep. Probably going to sleep.