Hallo hallo! I am Haifa Gaza, a 3rd year BS Computer Science student!

I am currently taking up the course Mathematical Methods in Computer Science… (Do you see that course title? It gives me shivers). Honestly, I didn’t have any thoughts regarding this course. I took it because I had to take it after finishing my Math series. I didn’t even know what it was seriously about before. Good thing our Professor showed us an interesting TEDxStandford video to motivate us. *poof inspiration* That should keep me going for the rest of the semester. (or not … this is Math we are talking about…)

The title itself screams MATHEMATICS… I thought that if my grades in Math were a graph, it would probably be something like an ugly parabola with a vertex at (5,0). I know that to pass a Math course, I need extra EFFORT for practice, practice, and exercisessssssss. And I know that not all efforts are paid off that is why Math and I are in a love-hate relationship.

It’s just that I really am hoping for a good semester. Somehow I shifted back to feeling that I need to get higher grades to prove myself to myself. Others can do it, why can’t I?